IP Settings

The IP settings for the FRITZ!Box can be configured on this page.

Note: Before making any changes on this page, please check carefully whether such changes will require adjustments to the IP settings of the computers connected to FRITZ!Box. FRITZ!Box must be located in the same IP network as every computer that will be used to open the FRITZ!Box user interface. Erroneous IP settings can make it impossible to open the FRITZ!Box user interface in the usual manner.

IP Address

The IP address of the FRITZ!Box is entered in this field. The preset value is "". You can change the IP address of the FRITZ!Box, but please note the following:

  • The entire IP network is reserved for internal purposes. This means that the IP addresses from through are not available.
  • If the DHCP server is enabled, the IP addresses from the range reserved fro the DHCP server are not available for other purposes.

subnet mask

This is the subnet mask that belongs to the IP address. By entering the IP address and the subnet mask you define the IP network in which FRITZ!Box and all of the computers connected with it are located.

The subnet mask indicates the class of the IP network. The preset subnet mask is "", which means that the IP network of the FRITZ!Box is a class C network. The other classes are called A and B.

Enable DHCP server

In den Voreinstellungen der FRITZ!Box ist der Haken für diese Einstellung gesetzt. Das bedeutet, dass der DHCP-Server aktiviert ist. Der DHCP-Server weist den Computern, die mit der FRITZ!Box verbunden sind, die IP-Adressen zu. Dadurch ist sichergestellt, dass sich die FRITZ!Box und die mit ihr verbundenen Computer im selben IP-Netzwerk befinden.

DHCP server assigns IP addresses:

This is where the IP address range is defined from which the DHCP server assigns IP addresses. The preset range is "from to". You can expand or reduce this range. Note that only the fourth block of numerals can be changed in this IP address range.

When the DHCP server is enabled, note the following information:

  • A computer can receive its IP address from the DHCP server only when the "Obtain an IP address automatically" option is selected on the computer.
    If a computer is supposed to receive a fixed IP address, the option "Obtain an IP address automatically" must not be selected. The IP address must be entered in the relevant field and must not be an address from the IP address range of the DHCP server.
  • Specify the IP addresses assigned by the DHCP server under "DHCP server assigns IP addresses". The IP addresses must be from the IP address range of the FRITZ!Box IP network.
  • Every time a computer is rebooted the DHCP server will assign it a new IP address.
  • If you have assigned a new IP address in the FRITZ!Box, you must restart the computers connected with the FRITZ!Box.
  • If you would like to assign a fixed IP address to individual computers even though you have a DHCP server, then you must assign an IP address that is from the FRITZ!Box IP network, but not in the IP address range of the DHCP server.

When the DHCP server is disabled, note the following information:

  • The IP addresses must be entered manually in the IP settings of the computers.
  • The IP addresses must be from the FRITZ!Box IP address range.
  • Example:
    FRITZ!Box IP address:
    Subnet mask:
    Free IP addresses from the IP network: - 172,163,154,254
  • The operating system's option "Obtain an IP address automatically" may not be selected in the IP settings on the computers. The IP address must be entered in the relevant field.

How to Access the FRITZ!Box User Interface at Any Time via a LAN Connection

FRITZ!Box has a fixed IP address, which cannot be changed and which can be used to access the FRITZ!Box user interface at any time via a LAN connection.

Fixed FRITZ!Box IP address:

Proceed as follows:

  1. Connect the computer from which you would like to open the user interface to the FRITZ!Box using a network cable. Make sure that the computer is not already connected with FRITZ!Box by some other means.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Start a web browser on the computer.
  4. In the address field of the browser, enter the IP address "" to open the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  5. Check the IP settings in your FRITZ!Box. If necessary, correct the IP settings so that the user interface can be reached by entering the FRITZ!Box IP address or "fritz.box".

User manual
The FRITZ!Box user manual includes a detailed description of the IP settings in the different Windows operating systems and for the operating systems Mac OS X and Linux.

Click the "OK" button to implement your changes to the settings.

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